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Finding direction in Jesus is where we all begin on this journey to become one of His disciples. This direction does not come from a religion, but it is rooted in a relationship with Jesus Himself. We cannot depend on our good deeds to give our lives direction - sooner or later, our motives can drift from where we started. But Jesus already paid the price for everything we have ever done wrong. He gave His life to pay for our mistakes. He defeated death and sin, and now He invites us to simply receive eternal life, place our faith in Him, accept His forgiveness and begin that relationship. The entire story of Jesus coming to earth, living a perfect life, dying for the sin of the world and rising from the dead is called the Gospel (a Bible word that means "good news"). Everything we do here at NorthCity is centered around and focused on that good news. We believe that finding direction in Jesus can fill the longing inside every one of us. 


At NorthCity, our Sunday morning gatherings are an open message to any guest explaining what finding direction in Jesus is all about. Whether you have grown up in church, or even if this is your first time, we want this to be a safe place where you can get answers to questions about God and life. For those who call NorthCity home, our Sunday gatherings are a time where they can strengthen their walk with Jesus and deepen their love for God. Jesus started the first church over 2,000 years ago for this very reason - giving answers to the inquisitive while providing support, encouragement, and accountability to those who already have a relationship with Him. At our gatherings, we worship God, talk about His love for us (and our love for Him) and commit to learn more about Him. 


Sundays are the front door of our church and a great first step towards finding direction in Jesus. Everyone is welcome to join us on this journey! The bottom line is, Finding Direction in Jesus can be summed up with one statement: We seek to love God and we do that through a relationship with Him.